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Our History

The history of the Ochs Orchard is rich in hard work and good times.

We are a four-generation, 150+ acre, family farm with pristine views overlooking Warwick Valley in Orange County, NY.

Let's take a stroll…

October 2023

The Early Years

The farm began in the 1920s run by Charles Walling as a commercial apple orchard. Walling then sold it to his employees, Peter Ochs and Chris Scheuermann who had planted the original trees. The farm was named Ochs & Scheuermann from the 1930s through the 1960s. Apple and peaches were sold wholesale until 1969.

In 1969, Peter Ochs purchased Chris Scheuermann's half to become the sole owner of the farm.

The 1970s

In 1971, Peter asked his son Leslie 'Les' Ochs if he would be interested in purchasing the farm. Les returned to Warwick with his wife Susan and 3-year-old son Alan to operate the farm with his dad.

Les began cultivating vegetables and added other fruits so that the farm could provide a large variety of fresh produce.

The introduction of Pick-Your-Own apples in the early 1970s was a big boost to the Warwick area. 

In 1973, Les and Susan purchased the farm from Peter and opened the retail farm stand within the main barn.

The 1990s

In 1991, Les' son, Alan Ochs decided he would take on the family tradition with his father.

Sadly, in 1994, Les passed away at the young age of 52. 

Alan, third-generation, and his mother Susan carried on and put Ochs Orchard on its path to becoming what it is today.

The Cider Mill was moved to the added barn. The old cider mill was transformed into an ice cream parlor where we make our own ice cream — often with our own fruit. 

Apple Cider Donuts have become a favorite along with other yummy items such as our homemade nut-butters and our own apple butter.

Our Pick-Your-Own business expanded to include a variety of produce: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, pears, tomatoes, pumpkins, and a variety of vegetables. And of course, many varieties of apples.

The 2000s

The addition of our Petting Zoo is welcome entertainment for many families. We added Pick-Your-Own Flowers as well. 

Sadly, 2017, marked another transition for the Ochs family with the passing of Susan in January. 

Today, our fourth generation, Amy and Jessie Williams, who lived on the farm most of their lives, carry the pride of Ochs Orchards alongside their Uncle Alan and mother Janice Williams who run the farm now. 

What memories will your
make at Ochs?


Let's find out togther…

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