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Strawberries: June

Cherries: Late June to Early July

Raspberries: July to October

Blueberries: July to August

Blackberries: July to August

Peaches: July to September

Veggies: August to October

Tomatoes: August to October

Apples: Late August to late November

2024 Picking will begin in June with Strawberries.

Start date is always depending on the weather & ripeness of berries.

Please follow our Facebook posts for daily updates.​

  • We do NOT take reservations for Pick-Your-Own.

  • 2024 Season: Follow Facebook for daily/hourly updates, or call the store during business hours.

  • Parking is always FREE!​ 

  • You must pay for everything you pick. Please do not pick and leave produce in the fields. 

  • Picnics are welcome, but always take your trash with you.


  • Although we do have water for sale, bring your own beverages
    It gets pretty hot out there!


  • The Pick-Your-Own experience involves a lot of hilly walking! Be sure to wear sneakers and weather-appropriate clothing.

  • Only essential personal bags for beverages and baby items will be allowed into the picking areas.  Large bags will be searched on your way out.

  • We have souvenir buckets and bags available for purchase.

  • June-August: Admission for pick-your-own is $5/person over the age of four.

  • All summer produce is sold by the pound, prices vary per item.

  • All card charges will incur a 4% processing fee.

  • Summer Produce: Always call the orchard before you come or check Facebook! We do not know when we are going to run out of berries, fruits and vegetables, and we can't immediately update the website or post on Facebook.

  • Calling the orchard before your trip ensures that you will have a good idea of what is actually out there to pick. We don't want you to drive out to an empty field!

  • Berry picking changes each day based on availability. Generally, Wednesday through Saturday. mornings are best, however, we may close if the produce is not ripe, or picked out. ​

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